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Generative A.I. Tools in eDiscovery

ChatGPT rolled out to the public in November 2022, and “Generative A.I.” has captured the public's imagination in the 15 months since the popular program and others like it became available.  

On February 28th, 2024, the Richard K. Herrmann Technology Inn of Court invited James Park, AI Consulting Director at DISCO, to discuss potential use cases for the technology in eDiscovery review workflows.  

eDiscovery is notable as one area of the law where practitioners have employed artificial intelligence tools to alleviate review burden for many years, with much success.  A key component of that success is the attention given to auditing and validating results, where the statistical methods of measuring a project's performance are well-settled.  These methods can also be applied to results returned by “Generative A.I.” workflows.

Whether recent developments and advances will lead to more widespread adoption of these A.I. tools in replicable and defensible environments is yet to be determined. Still, early results have been promising, and research continues.


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