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A.I. and Legal Practice: Enthusiasm, Integration, and Application

I contributed an article to the March 2024 issue of the Journal of the Delaware State Bar Association, discussing the rapidly evolving state of artificial intelligence and its impact on legal practice.

Despite some high-profile early missteps in over-reliance on generative A.I. tools, it is clear that there is a place for A.I. in modern legal practice.  I expect that it will ultimately have a bigger footprint behind the scenes in day-to-day work, rather than remaining front and center in the spotlight, but my key takeaway is that attorney education, knowledge, and a baseline of understanding around A.I. tools is critical to legal practice going forward. There are many valuable resources and a breadth of existing knowledge in regard to the application of A.I. tools, and validation of subsequent data output,  familiar to attorneys working in the legal technology space over the last two decades, which our colleagues would do well to inquire on.


artificial intelligence, chat gpt, generative ai